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BoCo Golf League

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Time of start:

Each week there will be a 5pm shotgun start. Hole assignments will be random so that the same groups are not starting on the same hole every week.   We suggest that you allow at least 5 minutes travel time to get to your starting holes by 5pm.

The course set up:

The league will play the front nine each week EXCEPT the last Monday of each month.

The Men will play from the Pick & Shovel tees ( ) The Women will play from the Lantern tees ( )


The USGA has procedure that allows for equitable play with handicap for Men and Women from different tees. That system will be used for the league.

The maximum handicap per 9 holes is 20.

Coal Creek offers yearly GHIN subscription at $ 45 per player. If you already have a course where you maintain your handicap there is NO need to purchase another. We will be asking for your GHIN number to place within the GOLF GENIUS tournament software to calculate handicaps, scoring and posting scores to your GHIN number.

Food & Beverages:

The Sweet Spot Café will remain open until 9pm on Monday evenings to allow for a nourishment and refreshments.

The Annual league fee:

The fee will be $ 425 this year.  

That fee covers all of the following: Green fees, yearly prize fund, weekly skill game, weekly skins.

Substitutes & their responsibilities:

  • Required to notify Coal Creek Golf Course no later than 24 hours prior to the start of league play.
  • Will be required to have a current GHIN number.
  • Has, as an option, to participate in the weekly skills and skin game with a $ 5 buy in.
  • Will NOT be required to pay any green fees

Rules of play:

The league will be utilizing the USGA rules relative to match play.

Local league rules:

  • 9 stroke maximum per player
  • A ball lost out of bounds can be played within 2 club lengths of the point is last crossed the margin, no closer, with a 1 stroke penalty.
  • A ball lost in native grass can be played within 2 lengths of the point that each team agrees to with a 1 stroke penalty.
  • If a player arrives at the tee after every other person has teed off they are deemed to be late and must forfeit that hole of play.

League scoring:

  • Match play for individuals and stroke play for teams.
  • 6 points are eligible each week
    • 2 points to each winner of the individual matches ( 4 total )
    • 2 points to the team with the lowest combined net score for the 2-man team.
  • Score cards should be returned with a signature from each team and given to a Coal Creek Staff person in the golf shop upon completion of play.
  • Scoring will be done after play and broadcast on the south TV within the sweet spot café.
  • A weekly email will be sent out with scoring details on Monday evening.

Skill games and skins

  • The golf course staff will set out the closest to the pin markers and collect them each week.
  • Payouts for skill games and skins will be in IN-STORE (golf shop) or Sweet Spot Credit.
  • 1st & 2nd low net for men                       Payout: $ 15, $7
  • Low net for women                                 Payout: $ 7
  • Closest to the pin on both par 3’s         Payout: $ 10 each
  • SKINS are NET Skins
    • $ 24 split between the number of net skins per week.
    • IF no skins are won the pot will roll-over to the next week.

Year-end team prizes

  • Yearend team prizes are awarded in cash.
  • 1st place team $ 300
  • 2nd place team $ 250
  • 3rd place team $ 200
  • 4th place team $ 180
  • 5th place team $ 140

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585 West Dillon Road
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