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BoCo Golf League

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The 2019 Boulder County League.

Welcome to the 2019 BoCo Golf League. Below is an overview of the specifics, rules, and signups for the upcoming year. We want to keep you informed and encourage you to visit the Coal Creek web site to find detailed information on everything that has stayed the same and the changes for 2019.

The Basics:

  • The BoCo League is open to anyone who loves golf and has a USGA GHIN number
  • The league is comprised of 2 person teams that compete against other 2 person teams.
  • League fees: $ 75 per player with Ghin / $ 40 if you already have your handicap established at another facility.
  • NEW Format of play: Point Per Hole Match Play- A longer explanation is included further down
  • NEW $25 green fee, includes price of green fee and games for week.
  • MODIFIED The skill games are included in the $25 fee

We will be paying out the winnings every week in Pro Shop Credit. After play each week there will be an email with the payouts, the updated standings and any other league news that is relevant.

You will also be able to see the results on the League Portal as well.

How to Sign Up for BOCO League 2019:

  1. You will receive an email from Golf Genius
  2. Follow the instructions to Sign In
  3. On the Email There will be a GGID a 6 digit number.
  4. You will use this to sign in
  5. Select your name and you will be signed up
  6. You can also sign up by emailing me or calling the Pro Shop

I will be printing scorecards and checking the indexes at 3 pm every Monday.

You will have up until 3 pm to call or email, to add a substitute

Format For Play:

The league will be utilizing the USGA rules relative to match play.

  • 9 holes of 4 Ball Match Play After each person plays out the hole, the lowest net score for each team will be put against the other team’s low net score.
  • Match Play style. Putts can be given.
  • 1 point will be awarded per hole to the lowest net score
  • .5 point will be awarded in the instance of a tie of lowest net score.
  • 1 point will be awarded to team who wins the most amount of points (holes) per 9 holes. .5 if both teams end up 4.5 points
  • Each Match has a total of 10 available points that will be awarded.
  • Below is a picture of how the scoring looks. (The top number is the number of points won in each match. The bottom number is the team total.

Here is an example of the scoring.

As you can see in the first Match, My Dad and I won 5.5 points. In the second match we won 6.5 points for a total of 12.

After two matches we were tied with Burbank and Dalton on 12 points for the lead

(We absolutely waxed em in that 3rd match for the record)

But that should give you a good idea of how the scoring looks.

 Boco Points Picture

Local league rules:

  • 9 stroke maximum per player
  • A ball lost out of bounds can be played within 2 club lengths of the point is last crossed the margin, no closer, with a 1 stroke penalty.
  • A ball lost in native grass can be played within 2 lengths of the point that each team agrees to with a 1 stroke penalty.
  • A Ball Struck off any Power Line must be replayed
  • Besides that we are going to “play it as lies”

Playoff System:

  • Bracket format, with point totals from year of play determining position. Everyone will play in the playoffs.
  • If you lose, you’ll be placed in a “Losers Bracket” and continue playing.
  • Playoffs will culminate in a Sunday afternoon 18 hole match, with the same rules used for every other BoCo round.
  • The Championship and 3rd Place matches will start on the hole #1 That Sunday
  • Teams who Finish 1st,2nd and 3rd will be receiving winnings in the form of Pro Shop Credit


The USGA has procedure that allows for equitable play with handicap for Men and Women from different tees. That system will be used for the league.

The maximum handicap per 9 holes is 20.


Handicaps determine where each individual will play from.

Graphite: Women’s League determined tee

Pick & Shovel: 1-14

Coal Car: 15-30

The league will primarily play the front nine but some weeks will be played on the Back.

I will let you know in advance what days those are.

Substitute Rules:

  • You can Substitute anyone onto your team. If they don’t have a GHIN number they will play to 0 and from the Pick and Shovel Tees
  • All I ask is that you let me know no later than 3 PM Monday prior to the start of league play. So 2 hours before we tee off
  • Subsititues have the option to participate in the weekly skills and skin game

Do not hesitate to call or email with any questions. I would really like to get this league to 20 teams so if know of anyone who might interested tell them to give me a call. More emails will follow with further details as we get closer to the season.

Jed Udall


585 West Dillon Road
Louisville, CO 80027
(303) 666-7888
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