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Cart Path Only In April

To sustain turf quality our cart path restrictions have been extended.

What does this mean?
Cart path only means that motorized golf carts must be kept on the designated cart paths, and off the grass, at all times. 

Giving the grass a "break" from being driven on helps the turf recover and prevents negative long-term impacts on playing conditions from repeated cart traffic. Golf courses will implement a cart path-only policy throughout the year in response to turf conditions such as during shoulder season when the grass is dormant or when the grass thins in high-traffic areas.

Additionally, one of the most important criteria of golf course maintenance is the management of water. Dispersing water when needed and removing water when there is an excess is important in maintaining turf health. During periods drought or extreme moisture turf is more susceptible to damage and must be protected.

There are several reasons that Coal Creek Golf Course is extending the usual timeframe for cart path only into late April:
  • Even though it is spring, nighttime temperatures are still consistently cold and putting a brake on turf growth. Grasses are growing slowly and are more vulnerable to cart traffic. 
  • Despite the spring snow, the soil conditions remain dry along the Front Range. During dry weather, cart traffic increases stress on the grass and can leave behind damaged turf and tire marks that may take weeks to heal.
  • Coal Creek Golf Course will not start routine watering until the end of April. The primary water source is the reuse water system which is being activated over the next couple of weeks. Drought conditions continue to impact City water supplies, excluding the ability to utilize excess public drinking water storage. Coal Creek Golf Course does not have designated water rights nor a direct connection to the potable drinking system which further limits options. Course irrigation can be supplemented with direct raw water from Coal Creek, but this depends on when runoff will occur. Temporary high cost solutions for spot watering are in place but not sustainable.
  • Coal Creek Golf Course experienced a record number of rounds in 2021, with play late into December. There are still many high-traffic areas where the grass is thin and has not had the time or warm weather needed to repair and regrow completely. 

You are still welcome to use a cart for your round, but please keep it on the path. Handicap flags are available for those in need. We also have pull carts available to rent if you would like to walk and get your steps in.

Thank you for respecting course rules, being understanding of cart restrictions and doing your best to reduce cart traffic to ensure healthy turf and good playing conditions for the rest of the season. 

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