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Strokers Senior Golf League


Tee times starting at 8:00 am until COVID restrictions are amended.


The Strokers is a weekly golf league offering an opportunity for likeminded people to play golf in a fun and friendly environment while offering equitable formats for all to participate in competitive golf.

Strokers  2021

    1. Yearly dues $70* Pay now >
      $70 fee includes the annual USGA handicap dues and 2021 League dues.
      If you already have a USGA handicap from another course or club your fee will only be $35 Pay $35 Now >

    2. There will be 2 flights based upon handicap index
      • The initial breakdown on flights will be splitting the players into equal flights weekly.
      • Weekly points will be awarded based upon your results within your flight.
      • Payout in shop credit for the top 3 NET finishers per flight per event
      • New players who join the league will be assigned to a flight by handicap
      • Points will be awarded to the top 10 finishers
        • 5,4,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1.
        • Ties will not be broken but awarded similar points.
        • Double points added for tournament rounds
        • Triple points for the end of year championship ***
        • As your handicap changes through the year you may be reassigned to a different flight.
        • Points, regardless of flight, are combined to one leaderboard for the yearlong point competition.

    3. Tees in play  
      • First Flight will play from the Coal Car tees. (5756 yards)
      • Second Flight players have an option to play from Coal Car or Graphite tees(5084 yards)
      • Changes in tee will be reflected in your playing handicap
      • Tees must be declared before start of the day’s play.

    4. Weekly Format of play ( see schedule coming soon )
      • There will be two additional Majors in 2021 

    5. Team events pairings
      • All team events will be paired utilizing the tournament software to achieve the following:
        • As equitable as possible handicap dispersion
        • Foster more member interaction with fellow Strokers.

    6. Yearly point system
      • There is only one leaderboard for yearly point awards.
      • Gross is paying three spots in 2021.
      • Net is paying ten spots in 2021
      • An individual cannot receive awards in both categories. Their best finish will be awarded.

    7. The $10 weekly entry fee is mandatory for 2021 and the price remains the same.
      • Breakout of the $10 fee
        • $5 to top 3 net winners per flight
        • $2 for net skins per flight
        • $2 for skill games combined flights
        • $1 allocated and saved for end of the year point total award.

    8. Skill games
      • Available to all flights
        • Skill Games will rotate between additional formats this year.
          • Individual events will feature the same four games as previous years. (Four closets to the pins, two longs drives, and two long putts.)
          • Team events will feature at least one new format such as straightest drive, beat the pro, etc.
        • Skins game is unique to each flight and are NET (Canadian) skins.

    9. Starting times at the beginning and end of the season are moved to a later time.

    10. Individual score cards will be produced for five events.
      • The Four Majors and the League Championship

      • 2021 Match Play coming soon 

    11. Tournament Rounds
      • Four Majors will post as Tournament (T) rounds.
      • End of year Championship will post as a (T) round.
      • All other rounds will post as regular rounds.

    12. Pace of play procedures
      • 1st occurrence, Pro Staff will address slow play with individuals. 
      • 2nd occurrence, Any foursome that plays in over 4:30 minutes is posted on the results page and big screen tv.
      • 3rd occurrence, a 1 stroke penalty is imposed on each player within the 4some.

    13. Sign up procedures below *** Please follow all of the steps completely they are detailed following the 2020 tentative schedule***

Club Championship 2021 

The club championship is a separate event from the year long Net and Gross Champions.  The results of the club championship are calculated into the year long competition.
  • The Club Championship will now be the premier Strokers event of the year.
  • The normal $10 weekly Strokers fee will be converted into a $20 (2 days x $10) tournament entry fee.
    • Skill games will not be played during Club Championship rounds.
  • Everyone playing in the Club Championship will be playing in one flight. 
    • In the event of a tie for first place a sudden death playoff will occur..
      • A gift will be given to each contestant to commemorate the year and the event.
  • This will be a 36 hole,  two-day,  Club Championship Tournament.
    • The Winner will get his name engraved on a plaque that will be updated yearly going forward.
    • There will be payouts for the Club Championship Winner and top finishers. (Pool tbd by field size.)
      • There are *no* payouts for Day 1 standings.
    • The Club Championship will pay triple the points to the yearly leaderboard.
    • There will be an end of year banquet and official awarding of prizes following the conclusion of the tournament. (Exact timing to follow.)


           2021 Tentative Strokers’ Calendar of Events
(subject to change)

Date Time Event

24 -Mar

8:00 am

Spring Gathering @ The Grill at Coal Creek 


8:50 am 

Opening Day Fun Scramble


8:50 am 

ABCD Scramble

14-Apr 7:50 am

Four-Man Two Best Ball Net

21-Apr 7:50 am   Individual Stroke Play 
28-April 7:50 am Two-Man Chapman Alternate Shot
5-May 7:50 am

Individual Modified Stableford

12-May  7:50 am Two-Man Scramble
19-May 7:50 am Individual Stroke Play
26-May 7:50 am* May Major
2-June 7:50 am

Individual Stroke Play 

9-June 7:50 am Two-Man One Best Ball Net
16-June 7:50 am Individual Stroke Play
23-June 7:50 am* June Major 
30-June 7:50 am Individual Stroke Play 
4-July   Firecracker Open
7-July 7:50 am

 Individual Modified Stableford 

14-July  7:50 am Two-Man Scramble 
21-July 7:50 am* July Major
28-July 7:50 am Two-man One Best Ball Net 
4-Aug 7:50 am Individual Modified Stableford
11- August  7:50 am Four Man all birdies count 
18-August 7:50 am August Major 
25-Aug 7:50 am

 Individual stroke play

1-Sep 7:50 am Green Aerification
8-Sep 7:50 am Four-man scramble
15-Sep  7:50 am Individual stroke play
21/22-Sep 8:00 am Individual Stroke Play
29 Sep 8:00 am* Ryder Cup
7-Oct  9:00 am League ends play continues 
* Tournament (T) designation for handicap purposes.

Louisville Open date subject to change



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(303) 666-7888
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