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Strokers Senior Golf League

Every Wednesday Morning
Shotgun start 

The Stokers is a weekly golf league offering an opportunity for likeminded people to play golf in a fun and friendly environment while offering equitable formats for all to participate in competitive golf.
2019 Procedures                     *** NEW for 2019
          1. Yearly dues $ 65.  The $65 fee includes the annual USGA handicap dues and 2019 League dues.  If you already have a USGA handicap from another course or club your fee will only be $ 30.
           2. There will be 2 flights based upon handicap index
                   a. The initial breakdown on flights will be splitting the players into equal flights weekly.
                   b. Weekly points will be awarded based upon your results within your flight.
                   c. Payout in shop credit for the top 3 NET finishers per flight per event
                   d. Points will be awarded to the top 10 finishers
                       i. 5,4,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1. 
                       ii. Ties will not be broken but awarded similar points.
                               1. If 10 people tie for 2nd all receive 2nd place points of 4.   ***
                      iii. Double  points added for tournament rounds
                 e. If your handicap changes through the year you will be reassigned to a different flight.
                      i. Your points, regardless of flight, are combined to one spreadsheet for the yearlong point competition
            3. Tees in play   Important new change ***
                a. First Flight will play from the Coal Car tees. (5756 yards)
                b. Second Flight players have an option to play from Coal Car or Graphite tees(5084 yards)
                    i. If you choose to play from the Graphite tees your handicap will reduce by the change in the slope and the difference in the course rating.  
                    ii. To play the graphite tees you must declare when you sign up to play.  If you do not declare a different tee you will default to Coal Car and cannot change day of the event.
           4. Weekly Format of play  ( see schedule )
           5. Team events pairings
              a. All team events will be paired utilizing the tournament software to achieve the following:
                   i. As equitable as possible handicap dispersion
                   ii. Foster more member interaction with fellow Strokers.
          6. Yearly point system
                  a. There is ONLY 1 flight for yearly point awards.  A change was made on the number of spots paid per gross and net based upon the demographics of our league.  The first three spots will receive the same payout                                 regardless of gross or net.    
                  b. Gross is paying 3 spots in 2019    ***
                  c. Net is paying 10 spots in 2019. ***
                  d. An individual cannot receive awards in both categories.  Their best finish will be awarded.
          7. The $ 10 weekly entry fee is mandatory for 2019 and the price remains the same.
              a. Breakout of the $ 10 fee
                 i. $5 to top 5 net winners
                ii. $ 2 for net skins
                iii. $ 2 for skill games
                iv. $1 saved for end of the year point total award
          8. New players who join the league will be assigned to a flight by handicap
          9. Skill games
              a. Available to all flights
                i. Four closest to pins
                ii. Two long drives (1 >70 & 1 <70)
                iii. Two long putts
                iv. Hole locations will be reset to minimize differences in yardages
           b. Skin game is unique to each flight and are NET skins
              i. Same rule a gross birdie or eagle cannot be cut by a net number
         10. Starting times at the beginning and end of the season will be moved to a later time.
         11. Individual score cards will be produced for 3 events.  
              a. The Spring and Summer Stroke play
              b. The League championship
         12. 2019 Match Play
            a. A double elimination event with flights
            b. $ 25 entry fee
            c. The number of Flights and players within the flights to be determined by the number of entries.
           d. Entry Deadline May 19, 2019
        13. Tournament Rounds
           a. End of the year event will be posted as a tournament round
           b. 2 additional events will be produced as Tournament events
                       Regular league play will NOT be posted as tournament rounds 
         14. Pace of play procedures
            a. 1st occurrence, David Baril will address slow play with individuals.  
            b. 2nd occurrence, Any foursome that plays in over 4:30 minutes is posted on the results page and big screen tv.
            c. 3rd occurrence, a 1 stroke penalty is imposed on each player within the 4some.
         15. Sign up procedures   Important new change ***
            a. To register for the 2019 Strokers league.  
                i. Go to https://www.coalcreekgolf.com/shop-leagues
           b. For Weekly events you have several options
               i. You will be able to sign into the Stokers book as always. (Remember that if you want to play the Graphite tees you must declare in advance.)
           c. Golf Genius is the tournament software utilized last year for scoreing.
              i. We are adding additional features for 2019   ***
                  1. Entry into events
                  2. Broadcasting results day of the event.
                  3. Yearly tracking of your personal results and yearly points
                  4. Pictorial history of 2019 Strokers
           d. How to sign into Golf Genius
              i. Left Click the link listed below or copy it into your browser:
              ii. *Accept Terms & Conditions of Golf Genius
              iii. Under “Enter Your GGID” enter VADHFR then hit “Sign in”
                                                            Click on “Strokers League” Title.
               iv. From drop down menu, Find and Select your name.
                             Then hit “Sign Up” right below the date.
               v. You will get a conformation window with the date you are signing up for, hit “ok”
              vi. At the bottom of your screen there should be a conformation as well as a green box saying “Signed Up”
                                          You’re all set!


                                   2019 Strokers’ Calendar of Events


January 26                          Strokers 2019 Rules seminar 1:00 pm


March 27th                                               Strokers Breakfast Meeting & Optional Shotgun 8:00am

April 3rd                                                Opening Day ABCD Scramble 8:50 am

April 10th                                                      Individual Stroke Play 8:50 am

April 17th                                              Four-Man Two Best Ball Net 7:50 am  

April 24th                                              Individual Stroke Play 7:50 am

May 1st                                                 Individual Modified Stableford 7:50 am

May 8th                                                 Individual Stroke Play 7:50 am

May 15th                                               Individual Modified Stableford 7:50 am

May 19th                                               Entry Deadline for Match Play Championship

May 22nd                                              Individual Stroke Play 7:50 am

May 29th                                               Spring Stroke Play Championship* 7:50 am

June 5th                                                Two-Man One Best Ball Net 7:50 am

June 12th                                              Individual Stroke Play 7:50 am

June 19th                                              Two-Man All Birdies Count 7:50 am

June 26th                                              Individual Stroke Play 7:50 am

July 3rd                                                  Individual Modified Stableford 7:50 am

July 4th                                                  Firecracker Open 8:00 am

July 10th                                                Individual Stroke Play 7:50 am

July 17th                                                Two-Man Scramble 7:50 am

July 24th                                                Individual Stroke Play 7:50 am

July 27th                                                Louisville Open**

July 31st                                                Four-Man All Birdies Count 7:50 am

August 7th                            Summer Stroke Play Championship* 7:50 am

August 14th                         Individual Stroke Play 7:50 am

August 21st                                          Two-Man Chapman Alternate Shot 7:50 am 

August 28th                                         Individual Stroke Play 7:50 am

September 4th                                   Individual Modified Stableford 7:50 am

September 10th/11th                       Greens Aerification Road Trip 

September 18th                                 Individual Stroke Play 8:30 am

September 24th/25th                       League Championship* 8:30 am

October 2nd                                         Ryder Cup 9:00 am

* Tournament (T) designation for handicap purposes.

** Louisville Open date subject to change


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585 West Dillon Road
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