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Why do I practice my way to bad scores?

March is the month where most golfers end their hibernation. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there is no better feeling than walking out to the tee box for your first drive after a long winter break. Your relaxed, focused on the present and ready to enjoy yourself.

In the Spring our minds are clear of swing thoughts.  You are happy to be on the golf course. You are not overanalyzing anything.  You are being an athlete and just swinging the golf club.

Golf is one of the few sports where you the athlete are not reacting.   You have time to think about your shot and THAT is the problem.  You CANNOT think your way through a golf swing.

After a couple of rounds or some practice you start trying to FEEL what is happening and INCORRECTLY identifying what is good and bad.  You start FIXING things that are not broken. You start tweaking your grip and messing with your mechanics and focusing on how not to hit bad shots which usually ends up with you hitting a whole lot of bad shots. Sound familiar?

How do you overcome this very common scenario?

Improve how you practice.  At least 50% or more of your practice time should be practicing how you play.  DO NOT think about how you hit the shot, INSTEAD think about what shot you want to see? 

High, low, fade, draw. 

When you do go out to play, do the same thing.  Only think about what shot you want to see and then GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and let the shot come out. If your head is full of bad thoughts, your scorecard is going to be full of bad strokes. Believe in yourself and think about the things you want to happen so you can play freely.

My bet is that you will hit better shots more often.

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