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Is your wedge costing you strokes?

The short game is key to a great round of golf and improving your short game is the first step to a lower score. What you may not know is that your "Old Faithful" sand or pitching wedge may being doing you more harm than good. There is a good chance that its grooves are practically worn away due to years of ballstriking. As the Titelist Vokey R&D team discovered, worn grooves are a detriment to your game. 
The Vokey R&D team did some indepth testing to shed light on how groove wear can effect launch, spin and overall short game performance. They tested three levels of groove wear using a proprietary wedge robot at the Manchester Lane test facility. The results? Wedges with fresh grooves provide more backspin and lead to more precise shots. Fresh grooves provide:
  • More spin: A new wedge can spin up to 2,000 RPM more than a wedge played for 125+ rounds.
  • Lower Launch: A new wedge will launch lower than a wedge with 125 rounds of play.
  • Maximum control: A new wedge has less than half the roll out of a wedge played 125 rounds.  
Why are grooves important?
Think of grooves on a golf club as the tread on a tire. The grooves grab the ball just like the tread grips the road, creating spin and producing ideal shot trajectory. The grooves also produce ball-stopping power when contact is made between the ball and the green. Just like the tread on your tire becomes less efficient as it wears away, so do the grooves on your wedges.
When should I replace my wedge?
PGA Pro's replace their wedges every couple months. Most recreational golfers don't have the time or resources to replace clubs quite this often, but they are also guilty of replacing clubs too infrequently (take a minute and think about how old that wedge is in your bag right now...) In Vokey's research they found that wedges start to lose spin and performance after about 75 rounds. After 75 rounds golfers should consider a new set of wedges with fresh grooves to give them more control, more confidence and in the end allow them to hit the ball closer to the hole.
Start saving strokes now 
Coal Creek Golf Course is a Titleist Wedge Fitting Center. We have 12 different fitting wedges in stock with varying loft and balance. There are many different variables to think about when choosing a wedge and we can fit you for a wedge set that is perfect for your swing and game. Stop by the golf shop to take a look or call David at 303-666-7888 to set up your wedge fitting. If your wedges have seen more than 75 rounds of play, new wedges will pay big dividends when it comes to your scores.

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