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Take Our One Question Course Rerouting Survey

We appreciate all of your input on the July course routing experiment.  The vast majority of comments have been positive.  We will continue to solicit your comments and would appreciate for you to take a 1 question survey

The final decision on whether or not we make the change for 2018 will be made late fall 2017.
Some of the negative feedback:
  • Too confusing
  • Makes shotgun starts difficult for walkers.
  • Diminishes historical relevance of the 18th hole.
  • #14 is too difficult a starting hole
Some of the positive comments:
  • The hill on # 15 gets out of the way early in the round
  •  #9 is a better finishing hole because of its proximity to the clubhouse
  • The availability of 5 hole rounds has greatly increased
  •  #18, the hardest hole on the course, is played early in the round
  •  The flow of play is better
  • We can identify pace of play issues by the starter located on hole # 14
Thank you for taking part in the experiment and offering your perspective.
Do you want to see the new course routing implemented in 2018?

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585 West Dillon Road
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