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2017 Strokers Results

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all of you who participated.  As a reminder, we will continue to hold tee times every Wednesday starting at 8:30.  If you want to participate simply call into the golf shop, 303.666.7888 and place your name or your foursome on the tee sheet. 

We will continue to have the $ 10 game for skins and low net for all who want to participate.

Strokers Year End results and Putting Jamboree results

As a component of your yearly dues the Stroker’s League funded a putting jamboree on the punch bowl green after play on Tuesday.   The course was set up with each hole as a Par 3.  The league awarded prizes to the top 5 scores.    The intent was to have a playoff with ties but the day 2 weather made it impractical to do so.

Putting Jamboree

1st place                Al Brown                          5 under par 22

T2nd place            Tom Barton                      23

                                  Joe Hill                       23

T4th place            Dave Warner                     24

                                  Tom White                  24

                               Jim Leapoldt                   24

                               Gordy Brown                 24

There are two year-long competitions for Gross scores and Net scores.  In addition to earning points through your sterling play, points are accumulated by participating and winning any of the weekly skill games.

If your play warranted a top 5 finish in both divisions we presented you with your higher finish.

Year-long NET Competition

Glen Cummings                66 points              

Gordy Brown                     63                                                          

Richard Glaab                    49                            

Gary Mayer                        49                           

Don Albert                         48                            

Side notes:  27 different players earned highest point total on a given event.

                      24 different players earned 2nd highest point totals on a given event.


Year-long GROSS Competition

Tom Barton                     94 points                

Dave Warner                   67                              

Paul Foley                         51                              

Mark Pfundstein             42                            

Steve Shaddock               24                           

Tom Barton dominated the Gross division by earning the high point total 13 times.

Dave Warner was second by earning the high point total 6 times

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