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Why be excited about 2018 at Coal Creek

Happy New Year! It may be chilly outside but that is not stopping us from getting the 2018 golf season underway. Last year Coal Creek Golf Course completed its second full year of being open since the 2013 flood. We have come a long way since then including being recognized in 2017 by Golf Inc, for being best redeveloped Golf Course in the US. Additionally last year we hosted our first major Colorado Golf Association championship since reopening (Senior Match Play Championship), we doubled participation in our PGA Junior League, grew the memberships throughout our leagues, increased green speeds and improved course conditions overall. We are excited about all the progress we have made and are just getting started! Here is a sneak peak of just some of the things to look forward to during the next year that we hope will improve your experience here at Coal Creek.

1. New Course Routing- Starts January 1, 2018
  • New routing makes holes 9 & 18 end in close proximity to the clubhouse for convenience.
  • Greatly enhanced capability and options to play 5-hole rounds for those who have a limited time to play.
2. New Web site, Point of Sale & online tee time software-Spring 2018
  • Fully integrated components for ease of use for our customers.
  • Better reporting requiring less manual entries saving labor
  • Easier to use for the staff
3. Tag Marshall Pace of play system-Spring 2018
  • GPS system that monitors play in real time
  • Golf shop & rangers can track each group in real time
  • Beverage cart can be tracked and directed as needed
  • Emphasizes Coal Creek’s commitment to enhance player enjoyment with increased pace of play
4. Ambassador Program-First class Saturday, January 13, 2018
  1. Create more customer involvement and ownership
  2. Improve course conditions
  3. Another program that reinforces Coal Creek’s & the City of Louisville‘s drive to be innovators and leaders.
  4. Give back to those who are working to assist us
5. Expand customer service training - Spring 2018
  • Create a better experience for the customers
  • Make it easier for our employees to do the job
  • Enhance our stature and strengths
6. New Golf shop merchandise vendors - March 2018

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