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Which will go farther, a Mashie, Niblick or Spoon?

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Before the craft of making clubs was revolutionized and standardized in the 1930s, golf clubs were each known by a uniquely different name. Since the early days of golf in the late 19th century, names like Mashies, Niblicks, Cleeks, Jiggers, Baffies, Spoons, and others were used to identify the clubs, which served similar functions to their modern counterparts, though were often vastly different in design and difficulty of use.
  • Play club: Driver
  • Brassie: so called because the base-plate was of brass; equivalent to a 3 Wood
  • Spoon: Higher-lofted wood; equivalent to a 5 Wood
  • Baffing spoon or a Baffy: Approach wood; equivalent to a 7 Wood

These were made of wood and were used until they were replaced by the numbered system used today.


  • Driving iron: 1 Iron
  • Long iron: 2 Iron
  • Mid mashie: 3 Iron
  • Mashie iron: 4 Iron
  • Mashie: 5 Iron
  • Spade mashie: 6 Iron
  • Mashie niblick: 7 Iron
  • Pitching niblick: 8 Iron
  • Niblick: 9 Iron
  • Jigger: Very low lofted iron, shortened shaft - similar to a modern chipper
A: The Spoon (or 5 wood) would travel the farthest, Mashie (4 iron) the second farthest and Niblick (9 Iron) the third farthest.

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