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Toptracer Range Mobile

Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level with Toptracer

TOPTRACER RANGE MOBILE sends shot traces and detailed data directly to your phone. Hit a shot and get instant stats like ball speed, launch angle, carry, curve, and more. The app then stores all that data so you can track progress and measure improvement.
How to use Toptracer Mobile (Grass Tee)
1. Download and Open the Toptracer Range App

2. Select “Play Now”

3. Select “Mobile”

4. Make sure your location settings are turned on while using the App

5. Select “Grass Tee”

6. Click “Locate Yourself”
     This is how the cameras can identify that you are on the range and where

7. Hit a high lofted club aiming towards the right or left side of the outfield
    This helps identify where you are located if the range is busy

8. Select “Yes this is me” after seeing your trace on the app

9. Choose desired game mode

10. Start your practice session!
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