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Coal Creek Golf Course path rules during closure

Coal Creek Golf Course is currently closed to all golf activity until further notice.

During this unprecedented time, the golf course has temporarily opened up its paved concrete paths to the public (normally closed to all non-golf activities) to help alleviate trail congestion and aide in outdoor social distancing. Public access does not include grass areas such as fairways, roughs, and greens.

Activities such as walking, running, biking, and walking a leashed dog are permitted on the concrete trail only.

All other activities are prohibited including but are not limited to:

  • Walking or playing on the grass (softball, Frisbee, soccer, tag, etc.)
  • Cross country skiing
  • Letting dogs off-leash
  • Playing golf
  • Fishing

Please remember that the golf course is not a park or playground. Golf courses can contain hazards that are not commonly found in parks and are not maintained for daily pedestrian traffic or recreational activities other than golf. Additionally, non-golfing activities can permanently damage the turf requiring substantial staff and financial resources to undo the damage. 

Finally, dog walkers are asked to be responsible pet owners and pick up after their dog. This is very important and failure to pick up dog waste could result in a ticket or the necessity to close the golf cart paths to everyone. So please carry an extra bag with you and help remind neighbors to be good stewards. We appreciate everyone being kind and respectful during this time.

For your safety and the protection of the course, golf staff and law enforcement will be regularly monitoring the course and ask for your cooperation in preserving the integrity of the golf course.

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