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Tip to Improve Pace of Play

No one enjoys slow play on the golf course. This doesn’t mean you have to play in a rush. It just means play more efficiently. Your pace of play affects the enjoyment of everyone on the course. If you fall behind and are not keeping up with the group in front, you will be asked to regain your position on the course.
  1. Play ‘Ready Golf’
    Ready golf means that each golfer within a group hits when ready, rather than adhering to the principle that the farthest from the hole plays first. So be ready to hit when the group in front of you clears or when it’s your turn.

  2. Don't Mark It, Putt It
    If your first putt is close to the hole, go ahead and putt out rather than marking and waiting. Additionally, a player who putts and fails to hole out may opt to continue putting until holing out.
  3. Tighten Your Routines
    • 40 seconds or less to make each shot
    • 3 minutes or less to look for a lost ball
    • 5-minutes to play each hole 4
    • 5 hours/18-holes or 2.25 hours/9-holes

  4. It’s Ok to Pick Up
    The handicap system allows for a maximum score. If you reach it, pick up, regroup, and try again the next hole. The max score is a net double bogey for any player.

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