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How to Know if There Is A Frost Delay

Jack Frost is Booking Early Tee Times and Causing Delays.

We are experiencing some truly fantastic fall golfing weather here at Coal Creek and certainly have no cause for complaint! But as temperatures start to drop for the year, golfers often run into issues with frost on the golf course. Frost delays can be extremely frustrating for golfers (and maintenance staff!). But a short delay while the frost melts can preserve the quality of the greens and prevent damage to turf. And without good turf, we don't have good golf. 

We know no one wants to show up at the course only to learn that they have to wait two hours to play, so here are some things you should know about frost that can help.

How do I know if there is a frost delay?

On days when frost is present we send out a text notification on the app and an email to everyone on the tee sheet who we believe will be impacted. Note, if the tee time is made under one persons name for the foursome only that person will receive an email.

There are two different ways to find out if there is a frost delay:

  1. Download our mobile app AND opt in for text alerts for "Course Conditions Updates".
    Over 5k people have downloaded our app and get important alerts about course conditions, league information, events, and special deals. You should too. We promise we won't spam you. (Having problems? Stop by, we can help you.)
  2. Call the golf shop at 303-666-7888 after 7:30 AM.

What is frost, and why does it matter?

  • Frost is frozen dew that crystalizes on the grass, making it hard and brittle to touch. 
  • Walking or driving over frost-covered grass causes the plant to break and may rupture plant cells. When the membrane is broken it cannot be put back together, much like an egg, and it becomes more susceptible to disease and weeds.
  • One foursome can leave several hundred footprints on each green, causing extensive damage.
  • Dead turf makes our superintendent and golfers very unhappy.

What do you mean by frost delay?

A delay could mean 15 minutes or 3 hours and varies day by day. No signs of frost on the first tee? That doesn’t mean you will get the “all clear” signal. If frost remains in areas that are unavoidable early in the round, the course must remain closed. It is also important to remember our crew can not attend to that course maintenance while the ground and grass are frozen, so once the frost is clear, the maintenance staff will need time to catch up on course preparations before play can begin. Please know we are doing our sunshine dance and trying to get golfers on the first tee as quickly as possible. 

But there is no frost at my house?

Many of us have looked out our windows at home and seen no signs of frost, only to find a frost delay when we reach the golf course. The Front Range has many microclimates so some areas may have frost when others don't. Even on the course itself, some greens are more susceptible to frost than others. If you are worried about a potential frost delay it is best to call the golf shop to check on conditions at the course before leaving home.  

We hope you have a better understanding of frost and come out to play Coal Creek knowing we are continually monitoring the conditions to ensure our turf is in the best condition possible. Still manage to find yourself at the course with a delay? Kick back, grab yourself a coffee or burrito from The Grill and think how fortunate you are to be at a golf course and not hard at work. 


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