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New Autonomous Robot Mower on the Driving Range

"Did I just see an oversized Roomba on the Coal Creek Golf Course driving range?"
On June 22, 2022, Coal Creek Golf Course began a trial of a new robot range mower. The Echo Robotics TurfMower 2000 is an automated turf management solution that requires no operator, limited supervision, no fossil fuels, and virtually no noise pollution.
The Echo Robotics TM-2000 can mow for up to 16 hours, is fully automated, and self-docks at its charging station. The mower uses sonar signals, pressure bumpers, and a magnetic field created by an electromagnetic wire buried two to three inches below the surface to stay on track. In addition, the mower is equipped with specially designed guards to push balls aside as it mows, allowing for continuous mowing without damaging balls. Staff can monitor real-time performance and control the unit via a mobile device or laptop.
Coal Creek Golf Course is the first golf course in Colorado to explore Echo Robotics' autonomous mowing technology. Anticipated benefits of the system include:
  •  The driving range can remain open during mowing (please note, the mower is not a target)
  • Emissions-free, quiet operation
  • Operates 24/7, rain or shine, day and night
  • Allows staff to reallocate time and resources to maintain other course areas
  • The turf will be continuously freshly trimmed
  • Reduction of mowing damage to range balls
Golfers will be able to see the robot mower on the driving range for the next several weeks as Coal Creek evaluates this new technology. We are excited to explore new ways to improve course maintenance and enhance the golfer's overall experience on the course.
Come out to hit some balls on the range and see the new mower in action!
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