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March 2023 Newsletter

It's March! Get Ready to Play Golf!

March is a magical time of year for golfers, and we are giddy with excitement! In addition to leprechauns, March means longer days (spring forward on March 12), greener grass, and the start of the official Colorado golf season. So it's time to dust off those clubs, do a few dynamic stretches, and check the closet to make sure those golf pants still fit.

Here are a few tips our staff at Coal Creek has to help prepare you for the months of golf ahead.

1. Come to the Driving Range

Did you know that golfers at Coal Creek hit 2,068,040 range balls last year? That's a lot of practice shots! The good news is 1200 dozen bright and shiny new Callaway range balls (14,400 balls for those who don't like math) just arrived and will be on the range soon. So come hit them while they still have that new golf ball smell—incidentally, 14,400 golf balls weigh 1,550 pounds. Don't ask us how we know...

2. Sign Up for a League

Tired of your golfing partner? Join a league and find new ones (we won't tell). Don't wait, leagues are filling up fast and play starts soon.

3. Renew Your GHIN

Colorado's official golf handicap posting begins on March 16 (let's hope Mother Nature got the calendar invite). So be prepared and renew your GHIN now if you haven't already. It's a new season and the opportunity for a whole new golfing attitude. Buy Now >

4. Retail Therapy

New stuff makes golfing fun. And as you bring your gear out of hibernation, you may realize you want to change up your style or add a new weapon to your arsenal. We can help! In the golf shop we have new Adidas men’s and women’s apparel as well as the newest Callaway Paradym golf equipment. So ask about taking a men's or women's demo set out for a 9 or 18 hole test drive. 

5. Get Your Season Pass

Last year some of our Preferred Player Plus pass holders saved over $300 on their green fees. That's a lot of money that you could be spending on new gear (see number 4).  It just takes a minute now to save all year. Oh, one more fun fact. If you are considering an unlimited play pass, you can sign up for monthly auto-pay for your convenience. (Note all 2022 season passes that have not been extended through the early renewal option will expire on March 31, 2023). The only way to lose money with our season passes is if you don't play golf. Savings may vary depending on how often you golf.
Buy Now >

6. Download Our Mobile App and Sign Up for Daily Deals 

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