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Inclement Weather No Use Policy

During inclement weather,
Coal Creek Golf Course will be temporarily closed.

Snow cover on golf courses can be tempting for participants in winter sports. Please be aware that Coal Creek Golf Course has a “No Winter Use” policy when it comes to non-golf activities, unless the activity is approved and authorized by the City. This means that activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding are prohibited and subject to local enforcement.

There are several reasons for these restrictions on winter use, including:

  • Your safety: When snow covers the ground, it is challenging to see unmarked hazards and obstacles like drainage/irrigation projects that could cause injury. Additionally, snow removal on the cart path is not the same as that for city sidewalks and icy spots may exist.
  • Turf health: Following our recent reconstruction, the new landscape needs time to mature, become established, and take root. Non-golf winter usage is detrimental to the health of the turf. In the fall, we over-seed thin turf areas that are particularly sensitive to stress and compaction. When ice layers form over the turf, winter usage can damage the Kentucky Bluegrass underneath, resulting in undesirable species like Annual Bluegrass. As Annual Bluegrass is extremely susceptible to summer stress and disease that spreads to surrounding greens, we make every effort to protect the Kentucky Bluegrass.
  • Economics: Repairing the damage caused by non-golf use to the course and eradicating the unwanted grass that can result costs time and money. Likewise, poor playing conditions negatively affect your golf game. There are a number of choices when deciding where to play in the Front Range and we want golfers to choose Coal Creek. Promoting healthy turf and providing the best possible playing conditions helps us meet customers’ high expectations and provide an enjoyable outing.
  • Better options: With over 1,800 acres of parks and open space in Louisville, finding the ideal spot to cross-country ski, walk your dog, or go snowshoeing is easy. Louisville’s trails offer outdoor enthusiasts parking, easy access, unplowed trails, loop trails, flat trails, and amazing views. Davidson Mesa and Harper Lake are popular areas for these activities.

Please help us in maintaining Coal Creek Golf Course, and its turf, by respecting the “No Winter Use” policy. By restricting unauthorized non-golf usage in winter months, we can establish and mature the landscaping needed to make Coal Creek a golfer’s paradise and wildlife sanctuary.

Likewise, taking your cross-country and snowshoe activities to one of our City’s great open spaces will provide you an environment designed to make the experience enjoyable and safe.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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